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 Admin or mod application

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PostSubject: Admin or mod application   Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:26 am

Ok. so my name is kyle squire and im 16 ive played many servers and have also owned my own i would like to app for mod/admin because i think that i can help players also i would be a great help in getting many votes for the server. i would also get many players like i did on my last server.

I am a jokie dude but when it comes down to it noone wants to mess with me also if there arguing over something i would give htem 2 chances and if they didnt stop i would jail for 1 hour.

Also i qould play on the server for 5hours a day and make regular donations.

peace out hope you like my application.


in game name: legit killer afro
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Admin or mod application
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